Launching my own site….. with apprehension

Well I was finally persuaded (thank you, Anna Volkmer) to start blogging and launch my own site. I’m not a natural diary writer and reflective pieces have always been like pulling teeth, but where I have written my thoughts I have learned a great deal through the nature of the process. Examining the sources and influences on my opinions is a good way of putting on the reflective brakes for someone with a strongly “activist” learning style.

My first love and career to date has been research and treatment of people living with nerve and muscle disease, and this has expanded more recently into other rare neurological conditions. I work clinically as a Consultant Allied Health Professional and I conduct research and lead the Neuromuscular Rehabilitation Research Group at my institution. My interests span the biopsychosocial spectrum: from the biomechanics of posture and gait to self-management and behaviour change.

A recent change has been my increasing activism and work in Equality, Diversity and Inclusion. My heritage is mixed but I am racialized as a British Asian. I have experienced and observed things in my 25 years as a physiotherapist that I badly want to change for the people who I meet as patients, and for the young physiotherapists from Black and Ethnic Minority backgrounds following in my footsteps. I position myself as an ally to my colleagues experiencing the hurt and pain of anti-Black racism #BlackLivesMatter, and I stand as an ally to my colleagues experiencing the scourge of Islamaphobia sweeping the UK.

Together we are stronger.

Published by Dr Gita Ramdharry

I am a clinical academic physiotherapist working in the NHS as a Consultant Allied Health Professional in Neuromuscular Diseases.

One thought on “Launching my own site….. with apprehension

  1. Beautifully expressed Gita. I hope other Physios feel empowered to share their stories and learn from these collective experiences. The going out to pubs after work / socialising is a tough one for many folk.. and one we really need to reflect on to find a solution that works for the team.

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